Best Rates and Booking Options

In my research I've found that booking directly through Hyatt is a better deal than going through other travel websites (i.e.,, etc.). For this particular resort, the rates stay fairly consistent year-around. Hyatt almost always has a seasonal sale going on.

While it is uncommon for this resort to sell out on a particular day, it is still recommended to book early. February is peak travel season for Cancun and our wedding falls on a holiday weekend. When you book through Hyatt they generally offer free cancellation up to 30 days prior to your reservation. And since they don't charge your card until 30 days prior (unless specified), it can't hurt to book early! You can always cancel and re-book if a better deal comes along.

Credit Card + Points

Get the Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card now and earn up to 50,000 points in the first 6 months (after spending $6,000 on the card). This amounts to 2 Free Nights (double occupancy) at the Hyatt Ziva in Cancun. There is a $95 annual fee.

Become a Loyalty Member

Booking Website:

Become a World of Hyatt Member (Join for Free here.)

  • Advance Purchase Member Rate: $514-$578/night (double occupancy). Full prepayment required. Non-refundable.
  • Standard Member Rate: $543-$610/night (double occupancy). 30 Day Free Cancellation.
Seasonal Promotions

Booking Website:

Take advantage of Hyatt's Seasonal Promotions (Spring Splash, Summer Sizzler, Fall Flash, etc.). Save 50-60% off Standard Rate.

  • Through May 7th - Spring Splash Sale: $504-$536/night (double occupancy) + $200 resort coupons. 30 Day Free Cancellation.
  • Through November 6th - Fall Flash Sale: $540-$610/night (double occupancy) + $200 resort coupons. 14 Day Free Cancellation.
AAA Discounts

AAA Discounts are available through Hyatt's Website. These discounts are typically the same as the Loyalty Member Rate and Season Sale Rates.

Costco Getaways

In previous years Costco has offered a discounted rate to members at this resort, but it is currently not showing up as an option for 2020 travel.


*Please keep in mind that all food and beverages (including alcohol) are included in these rates.